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Enneagram Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

As we take on the new year, there’s still time to be intentional and mindful of how you’d like to live in 2022. The top New Year’s resolutions are weight loss, healthy eating, traveling, and financial security. 

In recent years, the importance of caring for mental health has taken a seat among the top things individuals would like to practice, change or accomplish.

So what would it look like if we were to align our resolutions with our personality traits this year? Would this enhanced personalization be the difference in a sustainable practice versus a lost intention by the end of January? 

Knowing who we are – body, heart, and mind, will help us better align our intentions with mindfulness. Below we’ve listed some insights into each enneagram type to help you better align your year with you.

Type 1 | Let Go

Thank you for being the hero; this year, take some time for yourself. Choose to be your own advocate. And know you don’t have to take on the world alone. Explore the arts. Whether that be dance, painting, or journaling – do what comes to you: no structure, no organization, just your thoughts flowing.

Type 2 | No Is Kind

Cheers to that. Saying “no” is the kindest action you can do for your whole self. Because every time you say no, you say yes to something that fuels you. Practice incorporating body scans in your day. A physical, mental, and mindful check-in with yourself each day will help in saying “no” more often. It’s hard to give our best when we’re not at our best. 

Type 3 | Go Offline

When setting out to accomplish your goals, be sure to set aside time for experiences that have no quantitive measure. Unplug from social media and other digital channels to avoid getting caught in the comparison trap. Instead, connect with nature this year. Go for walks around your neighborhood or even adventure to your local park – no expectations, no measurements, just connection. 

Type 4 | Let’s Get Organized

All of those beautiful creative ideas you have, where do you put them? Looking to put more of those out in the world? Perhaps the “Pomodoro” technique will help bring a little order to the “go with the flow.” This is an interval-based time management method that puts your top tasks at the forefront with brain breaks in between – a must for your creative heart. 

Type 5 | Brain Break & Groove

Your love of knowledge is exceptional. So give your brilliant mind a break and get grooving – adventure outside of your mind and into your body. Consider a fitness tracker or make an excel sheet to track your physical progress in the new year – we know you love data & analytics.

Type 6 | Turn Down The Volume

With so much noise surrounding us each day, it’s easy to overanalyze and overthink even the smallest of things. So turn down the volume on the noise and reconnect with your inner knowing self. Yoga is a great activity that quiets the mind – helping you to release and work through fears – leading to a more balanced and whole you.

Type 7 | Pump The Breaks 

Your energy radiates positivity, and you can fill a room just by being you. But even the energizer runs out of battery. Take time to rest your body, mind, and heart. Make it a goal to get at least 8 hours of sleep each evening. Consider winding down with a good book and some hot tea. 

Type 8 | Amplify

Thank you for being the protective justice seeker. Whether professional or personal, be intentional in how and when you choose to use your voice. Amplifying those things you’re passionate about – can also look like creating space and taking a back seat. Connect with a local organization and take time to listen to their story. From there, see how you can amplify their mission.

Type Nine | Find Peace W/ Self

You are an exceptional mediator and an impartial party; you are incredibly gifted at helping others see different perspectives. But what about your own emotions, your needs, and your desires? Put those in the forefront and consider a task list to help visually keep track of things you’ve accomplished for yourself.