We work with organizations at three levels to provide customized, integrated solutions for your alignment challenges.




Teams that are not aligned underachieve despite having star professionals in the right positions. We use the Enneagram Personality Mapping System to help teams operate at a higher level. Our Enneagram training series helps teams increases individual EQ and team EQ. This series targets communication, feedback, stress management, conflict resolution skills and sales. Team series will elevate the quality of collaboration and performance by practicing awareness and understanding key motivations and behavioral patterns of each of the 9 Enneagram types. Recommended for organizations that think “preventively,” and desire teams with high EQ, start-ups, or teams that are “stuck.”

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Team Alignment Series

3-hour group sessions


Focused facilitation on creating space for your team to do their best thinking through team development based practices interwoven with understanding the different represented Enneagram Style Types on your team. We help your team discover what is holding the team back and how to capture the BEST of each team member. We facilitate energizing, collaborative and sustainable team change. Recommended for teams in conflict, start ups and teams desiring to drive at peak performance.

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Retreats offer excellent time for teams or forums to take advantage of extended period of time to dive deeper into the transformative power of the Enneagram and focusing on team building, goal setting, organizational strategizing and problem solving. We plan and facilitate your retreat process aligning with your goals to ensure sustainable retreat outcomes. Recommended for all organizational teams and forums.

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Individual Development Coaching

1-hour one-to-one sessions


Our coaching process is designed to assess and enhance each team member's unique leadership potential. We focus on individual change with observable better results that are in alignment with team goals and higher organizational values. Coaching goals are set among participant, manager and coach, and are informed by 360 feedback. Participants challenged to dive into a deeper understanding of their motivational strategies related to their Enneagram style type through weekly actionable application of new learning. Recommended for leadership, management, start team players or team players who are struggling with team alignment.

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By understanding ourselves and co-worker’s enneagram types, we have been able to communicate and understand each other in a way I could not imagine possible before.... 100% of our team thought it was worth it!