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Equity In Action | A Social Action Initiative

Being a leading provider of team alignment and leadership development solutions isn’t only about offering excellent services. It’s about the connections we make with the people who respect and trust us.

At 9Paths, we believe our Equity In Action initiative provides a solution that helps us be more open, authentic, and empathetic in what we do, helping us create deep connections within businesses to drive them forward with everyone together.

With over 20 years of experience in facilitating meaningful, fierce conversations, conflict management, leadership, and team development, we understand that diversity and equity are critical success factors for organizations.  

Our passion for representing the community and members we serve has helped us lead the action in cultural change, growth mindset, and bridge the “gap” in the equity conversation.

For us, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not mere words. These form the core of our existence and encompass everything we do.

9Paths is taking several steps to promote equity in our organization and within our communities. One such step is to partner with the Urban League of Middle Tennessee to strengthen our infrastructure and programming as we work towards empowering communities and changing lives.

With our commitment to align teams and develop leaders, 9Paths is currently implementing DEI programs for the Dow Chemical Office of Inclusion, Global African-American Affinity Network, and Dow Chemical Asian-American Network.

In all these efforts, our goal is just one: to acknowledge and embrace the value of differences in building organizations and creating deeper connections. Learn more about Equity In Action by clicking the button “Equity In Action” below.