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Meet Alicia Washington

In celebration of Black history month 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside. Our past is always influencing our present. And for these stellar Black leaders, they share who have influenced their work, why they believe in inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Alicia Washington?

Meet Alicia Washington, Reliability Leader for Dow Chemical. Alicia was recently named the Manufacturing & Engineering Recruiting Team Leader for Florida A&M University (one of Dow’s 5 strategic HBCUs). Alicia’s new role ensures the company is recruiting and retaining diverse talent into the organization.

This new role is part of Dow’s commitment to Black talent. Jim Fitterling, Dow Chairman CEO, says, “We have work to do to improve the Diversity of Dow’s workforce and our talent pipeline. As noted in our 2019 Inclusion Report, Black employees make up 8.5% of our U.S. employee population. According to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau’s estimates, the U.S. population is 13.4%, Black.”

Alicia is Enneagram Type 6. She is loyal, team-oriented, courageous and a planner, avoiding potential problems that could arise. Alicia’s inclusive spirit is perfect for her new Team Captain role. Alicia participated in the first cohort for Dow Chemical’s sponsorship program, Advocacy in Action. I met Alicia on the first day of the program’s launch. Definitely #TeamDow. Alicia’s courage showed up as she led the way for productive conversations.

What historical person or persons have influenced or motivated you to keep going?

Alicia shares with me how many Black leaders have influenced her journey. She is motivated by all her ancestors who dared to dream, innovate and inspire. She is encouraged by those ancestors who helped build a nation that once did not count them as full human beings. When discouragement arises, Alicia gives thanks no matter what battle she is fighting, always reminding herself of the home she owns and all Americans’ rights and liberties she now has. 

Alicia grounds herself in the remembrance of those who have gone before her and their struggles. From their journey, she finds motivation to solve whatever dilemma she encounters to get back on course.