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Meet Nikki Powell

Our past is constantly influencing our present. In our first Equity In Action: Nashville Cohort, in alliance with The Urban League of Middle Tennessee, these leaders share who has influenced their work, why they are interested in Equity In Action, and what they have learned from their Enneagram type.

Meet Nikki, Director of Advisory Integration at Jackson National Life Insurance Company. Nikki and her team are focused on assisting advisors who do financial planning for their clients by improving the overall retirement experience. Nikki’s team also focuses on financial technology and uses these resources to help advisors plan.

Nikki was selected by Jackson National Life Insurance Company to join Equity In Action cohort in Nashville. Equity In Action is a social action initiative designed to take Action and create visibility opportunities for people of color in the workplace.

Nikki is interested in Equity In Action because of how practical it is – by connecting the protege with the sponsor – which often requires that type of allyship to bring attention to issues and create change. Nikki says: “I am also excited about the opportunity to work on a project that can be impactful and bring change within the firm that I work, and in some way, “chip away” at the statistics of people of color.”

Nikki is an Enneagram Type 9, accepting, trusting, supportive and optimistic.  Nikki has learned that her keenness to involve others’ views can often be her instinct, as she may overlook her own in the process. Since learning about her Enneagram type, Nikki now actively works to identify her thoughts and preferences separately.

Nikki is inspired by the quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson.

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