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Meet Teenie Raby

In celebration of Women’s history month, 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black female leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside.  Our present is always being influenced by our past.  And for these stellar Black leaders, they share who have influenced their work, why they believe in Inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Teenie Raby?

Teenie Raby is Senior Operations Leader – Energy Systems and Environmental Operations at Dow.  She works directly with the Operations Destination & Inclusion Team and the Influential Leadership Network Steering Team.  Teenie was one of 20 high-priority black talent invited to join Dow’s Advocacy in Action sponsorship program.  

I met Teenie during the sponsorship program, and I learned the strength Teenie brings to her family and work environments.  Being kind and generous many people rely on Teenie to get things done.  I watched Teenie lead our group into conversations that mattered.

Teenie is Enneagram type 7, leaning strongly into her 8 wing, allowing her to look at a situation from a realistic view.  She can stay engaged in multiple projects or networking.  Teenie’s ability to absorb information, brainstorm, and generate ideas for projects she works on brings value to her workplace.  Teenie is #teamdow.

What historical person or persons have influenced or motivated you to keep going?

Teenie says she is motivated daily by Jesus and the heroes of faith in the Bible.  She strongly believes there is no need, obstacle, mistake, challenge, or difficulty in life that can’t be overcome by prayer, patience, and thanksgiving!

Teenie shared she knows what it feels to be valued and trusted and what it is like to be undervalued and treated as an outsider. She wants to be a change-maker in her world, believing everyone deserves to experience true job satisfaction for the effort they invest at work every day. Teenie says her company loses when it doesn’t provide an inclusive environment for all.

Teenie’s advice for Black women, “Know your worth and make yourself visible. Reflect on the value you create and bring to the workplace every day and find confidence and strength from it!”