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Subject matter expertise guiding strategy for people-oriented programs with positive outcomes.

Sharon Ball, LPC

Sharon K. Ball , Founder LPC-MHSP, NBCC

Sharon believes human connection is the essence of existence and growth, where people who connect to themselves and others without any preconceived notion make the human experience and world a better place.

She is an Enneagram type 3 and is guided by her love for humanity and desire to be a change agent. After spending nearly two decades as a clinician and supervisor in the counseling industry and working with hundreds of individuals, groups, and professionals, she put her years of understanding human behavior and psychology into practice and decided to help create better organizations, teams, and leaders.

As founder of 9Paths, she continues to create a sense of balance within organizations by using genuine human connection, the Enneagram, and fostering inclusion. As a published author, radio guest, speaker, former restaurateur, and organizational trainer, Sharon founded 9P in 2013. 9P specializes in curating training programs for Fortune 100 companies focused on workplace psychological safety, racial dynamics, and trauma-informed practices in the workplace. She has harnessed the power of the Enneagram Personality Mapping System to foster inclusion, enhance talent and team performance, and impact long-term sustainability.

Sharon advocates for mental health care and raises awareness about the importance of quality clinical treatment and informed care. When recovery is available, Sharon believes trauma can unite and connect people, communities, teams, and workplace environments. 

She is licensed in Tennessee and Tennessee State-Approved Supervisor for Licensure. Throughout her years of working with clients, her consulting approach has blended holistic and trauma-informed education. Active in the Nashville community, Sharon serves on boards for homelessness and veterans and provides mental health first response for global natural disasters and violence incidents. 



Milton Stewart

Senior Trainer

Milton Stewart is a senior consultant for 9Paths. He is a visionary Enneagram specialist and the creative force behind Kaizen Careers, Coaching and Consulting LLC. As a self-preservation Enneagram 7, he leverages the Enneagram to foster personal growth and transform corporate culture, promoting diversity and inclusion through deep personality insights. As one of the few African-American male Enneagram educators, Milton brings a unique perspective. His acclaimed podcast, “Do It For The Gram: An Enneagram Podcast,” offers actionable Enneagram wisdom to a broad audience. Additionally, Milton has made history as the youngest and first African-American male Global Board Member of the International Enneagram Association, underscoring his profound influence and pioneering contributions to the Enneagram community.

Nelson Turburgh

Senior Trainer

Nelson Turburgh is a senior trainer who started his career at Dow Midland Operations in 1985 as a Process Control Technician with an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Electronics from Ferris State; Nelson spent 14 years in maintenance and plant roles across North America. Transitioning to a Work Process and Empowerment Coach in the late ‘90s, he developed skills in driving performance improvements, saving plants from closure, and advancing to a Site Operations Excellence Leader. This role involved spearheading Continuous Improvement initiatives and serving as a Learning Leader. Nelson successfully led significant improvement projects, enhancing metrics such as cost, productivity, and EH&S. As an Enneagram seven, Nelson’s strengths include candid leadership coaching, diagnosing team performance gaps, and facilitating custom improvement strategies and conflict resolution with teams.


Clifton Harris

Senior Trainer, CEO and President of Middle Tennessee Urban League

Seema Patel, MA

Associate Trainer

Seema Patel serves as an associate trainer for 9Paths. She is a dedicated advocate, therapist, and educator committed to creating inclusive spaces. As an Enneagram Type 2, Seema brings empathy, insight, and practical wisdom to her work. She integrates Enneagram principles with mindfulness, communication techniques, and conflict resolution strategies to empower others in personally and professionally building healthier relationships. Seema is also an Enneagram trainer with a strong passion for antiracism efforts, leveraging her expertise in psychology, Enneagram studies, and social justice to drive positive change and foster meaningful connections. Through her initiatives, Seema strives to cultivate environments where diverse voices are respected, differences are embraced, and genuine connections thrive, aiming to contribute to a more compassionate and interconnected world.

Services Offered

Racial Dynamics Training
Mental Wellbeing Preparedness
Program Development
Team or Board Alignment
Executive Coaching

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