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Advocacy In Action

Looking forward to our upcoming webinar training with Dow Chemical.

Here, we’re fostering courageous conversations through Dow’s Advocacy In Action Program (AIA), a 15-month social action initiative. Dow’s second cohort for AIA was launched in June.

I am proud to be a part of a company that leads by example for healthy culture, equity, and equality for all people. In my opinion, actions speak louder than words.

This training will address workplace psychological safety and how it is the basis for healthy culture and courageous conversations around racial dynamics in the workplace. We will also look at how each Enneagram type experiences fear around these tough conversations.

AIA focuses on sponsorship to invest in the development of Black talent through protégé-advocate relationships.

Sponsorship is about putting your name and reputation on the line for someone else. It could be as simple as recommending someone for a new role, yet it’s one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has.

Through unique pairing methodology and a focus on sponsorship, a senior leader partner is paired with a talented protégé to advocate on their behalf, expand their opportunities, and help them achieve their fullest potential in the workplace.

We know diversity built on an inclusive culture is good for business. It improves corporate performance, drives growth, and enhances employee engagement.

By fostering a culture of open dialogue, actively seeking solutions to obstacles, and encouraging inclusion in the workplace environment and communities, AIA aims to develop and empower Black talent.

AIA is building a pipeline of strong and diverse leaders – and in turn, a stronger Dow. Pictured is a Dow team member, who took a step of courage in sharing her experiences in her workplace. Her courage to speak out led the cohort of 50 participants in learning, empathy, and courage. Truly #Dowbest”