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Coming Soon | My Favorite Book

My favorite book right now is the book I am writing with my co-author Renee Siegel, LISAC. Morgan James Publishing will be releasing our book in November 2021. I am over the top excited about it because there is not another book written about trauma, resilience, and the Enneagram. Yes, we tackle all of it.  

How do we trauma therapists apply the Enneagram as a trauma-specific approach to helping victims find their healing path? Our book will inform you, first on trauma and resilience, and then share stories of how our clients (given with permission and with their names changed) benefitted from an integrated trauma-informed and Enneagram specific approach. 

Through the lens of our 60 years of experience as trauma-informed licensed psychotherapists and certified Enneagram Teachers, we integrate all of our training and methods; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), somatic experiencing and expressive therapies, and Trust-Based Relational intervention. We also interweave the usefulness of neuroscience in trauma recovery and emphasize the concept of neuroplasticity; the brain is not fixed; it can change. For us, this holistic approach in our interventions to trauma has had a positive impact on our clients.  

Renee and I have had the privilege to work with many victims over the years, emphasizing for us the differences and nuance of trauma impact. Our clients come from all aspects of life as trauma has no boundaries on whom it leaves its mark. We address many traumatic experiences; sexual assault, natural disasters, family and workplace violence, spiritual, physical, and emotional abuse, intergenerational, cultural, and racial trauma to the work we have done with our soldiers who have served in combat.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you all!