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D’Andrea’s Advice

I asked D’Andrea what her best advice was for Black professionals whose work is unseen, their heart is not heard, or intellect recognized.

After receiving her master’s degree in Human Resources Management, D’Andrea accepted a San Francisco position.  She had never lived outside Houston, and moving away from her family and friends was a life-changing experience.

She learned the true meaning of Diversity and all its different facets in the Bay Area.  In this environment, she grew professionally, spiritually, and personally, and is genuinely grateful for the friends she made in California, for they taught her the true meaning of Inclusion. These friends were family to her and her two sons, ensuring that her family belonged. 

After 17 years, D’Andrea moved back home to Houston. The life lessons she learned while on her journey taught her that our differences, real or imagined, make us better if we only open ourselves to possibilities and live and work with intention.

D’Andrea says, “remember that there is a right place for everyone and that our careers have peaks and valleys. Identify and cultivate relationships with those individuals in the organization who will be trusted advisors, mentors, and allies. In good and challenging times, they can be a lifeline to provide you with the support you need at just the right time.”