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Meet Milton Stewart

In celebration of Black history month 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside. Our past is always influencing our present. And for these stellar Black leaders, they share who have influenced their work, why they believe in inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Milton Stewart?

Meet Milton Stewart. Milton and I met years ago through LinkedIn. He messaged me to meet and talk about his Enneagram professional coaching business. Milton’s Enneagram type 7 zest for life, vision, and host of ideas made such an impression that I have used his expertise in several of my projects as an executive coach. Milton’s ability to speak to the heart of a child and yet, challenge a corporate executive’s leadership skills is impressive.

Milton is the founder of Kaizen Careers, Coaching and Consulting LLC. He is the host of the Do It For The Gram: An Enneagram Podcast. Milton also co-leads the community-based group Enneagram 901. When his day is not filled with coaching and podcasting, he achieves educational equity with STAND for Children and mentoring youth. 

Milton not only has a passion for adults to grow and learn, but he has also worked in an elementary school in an under-resourced neighborhood in Memphis. Being a Black male is all the life experience he says he needs to be a change-maker for inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Milton has a unique view of watching the long-term impact of racism on children, not to mention food insecurity and poverty.

Milton’s Advice

Milton is currently in a DEI certification program, preparing him for the challenges that he might encounter. Milton’s desire to provide good education and be a change-maker is found by doing his inner work. He understands the need for less reactivity and more receptivity in our world.  

I asked Milton what his best advice was for Black professionals whose work is unseen, the heart is not heard, or intellectually not recognized.

Milton says, “Focus on your goals for being at that organization. Sometimes it is worth the challenge to change the organization. And sometimes, it is time to take your talent to somewhere that appreciates you. Know when that time is.”

For more advice on systemic racism and the Enneagram, check out Milton on his podcast by clicking “Learn More.”