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Meet Sadie Bell

In celebration of Women’s history month, 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black female leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside.  Our present is always being influenced by our past.  And for these stellar Black leaders, they share who have influenced their work, why they believe in Inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Sadie Bell?

Meet Sadie Bell, HR Technology Director, responsible for accelerated digitalization globally for all HR technologies within Dow. She leads and participates in the Global Recognitions Team for Dow’s Global African Affinity Network. Sadie is the Co-Founder of GivCounts, an innovative giving platform that makes giving fun and rewarding!

I met Sadie while working with her company’s Advocacy in Action sponsorship program, the African Affinity Network’s brainchild. While facilitating discussion amongst the cohort around race in the workplace, Sadie boldly stepped up, advocating her cohort’s behalf. The passion behind Sadie for Inclusion and belonging was felt strong, and I admire this in her. Sadie is Enneagram type eight. She is strategic, capable of tackling challenging projects, and will often be the one who leads the way. #dowstrong

A couple of people from history have influenced Sadie. Their personal stories re-told have kept Sadie going. Recently Sadie’s grandmother died; Sadie is named after her. Grandmother lived for more than 100 years, giving the wealth of lived history to Sadie. Sadie’s grandmother shared her motivation was the sun, knowing God is with her each day she sees it, and believing that she should “run on and see what the end will be.”

What historical person or persons have influenced or motivated you to keep going?

Sadie’s grandmother taught her not to be afraid of change, as her grandmother was pioneering, stood in the face of unimaginable discrimination, oppression, and WON! Her grandmother raised her family and her sister’s family and others to be strong, principled, and to believe in the power of prayer.

For as long as Sadie can remember, she has been passionate about people, caring about how she and others are treated. In high school, Sadie took flute lessons and was invited to participate in a competition. She arrived at the home of the competition (flute in hand) and was asked, “are you sure you are in the right place.” Sadie confirmed she was there to compete. She was allowed to enter and began her warm-up as she heard another competitor’s mother say rather sternly to her daughter, “you better not let that n—- beat you.”

Sadie remembers feeling unwelcome yet sad for the undo pressure put on one of my competitors. This experience of not belonging is felt by Sadie and why she tries hard to make her workplace inclusive. She believes your workplace is where we spend a great deal of time, sometimes more time than with our closest loved ones. The workplace should not be a place that elicits feelings of rejection, displaced, ostracized, or a limitation on just being yourself!

Sadie’s Advice

Sadie wants to work in a place where she belongs and wants that for every person. We are all different and should be embraced and NOT weaponized (at least not for bad). This is why Sadie is a change maker for inclusion and belonging.

Sadie says, “Smile – you are not invisible, and you cannot be ignored forever. Sometimes, if you notice that people want to make you invisible — it might be time to CHANGE positions, jobs, or even companies and move into a place where you are appreciated and valued.”