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Meet Shadrach Stephens

In celebration of Black history month 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside. Our past is always influencing our present. It is the change these Black leaders make today that will pave for future leaders.

I asked them to share who has influenced their work, why they believe in inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Shadrach Stephens?

Shadrach Stephens is the Global Improvement & Reliability Director – Environmental Technology Center for The Dow Chemical Company. Shadrach is an Enneatype 1 driven for results, detail-oriented, and looking for ways to make the world a better place. His ability to move a project or situation from chaos to order is a value add to his role.

I met Shadrach through a groundbreaking sponsorship program for African-American talent that Dow Chemical launched called Advocacy in Action.  Shadrach was one of the proteges for our first cohort.  I had the privilege of training and coaching for 15 months Shadrach and his cohort. It was in our coaching where  I saw Shadrach’s innovation having a larger impact on the greater Dow organization.  Shadrach fits the hashtag of Dow Chemical that says they are stronger when they #seektogether.   

Shadrach is also the founder of, a community of diverse STEM professionals that collaborate & share solutions. Their mission is to bridge the skills gap between professionals at all levels. They provide professional development opportunities to help their community members to achieve success in their careers. Their foundation is set on three pillars, (1) Professional Development, (2) Diversity & Inclusion, (3) Value Creation.

What historical person or persons have influenced or motivated you to keep going?

Shadrach’s life was heavily influenced and motivated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr matched his passion for equality with the strategy needed to break through systemic barriers. He also believed in a vision that was ahead of his time. 

Shadrach admires his courage; however, he has profound honor for MLK’s innovation. Shadrach’s inner motivation comes from his wife, Marie, who supports his dreams of building a better future for their kids Mekhi and Moriah. Shadrach’s children’s innocence and curiosity give them hope for a legacy to live in a world where they are judged by their character and not their skin color. Follow Shadrach’s journey by clicking the “Learn More” button below.