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Meet Shalonda Walker

In celebration of Women’s history month, 9Paths has chosen to showcase current Black female leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside.  Our present is always being influenced by our past.  And for these stellar Black leaders, they share who have influenced their work, why they believe in Inclusion, and how to find visibility in a world where you may be unnoticed.

Who is Shalonda Walker?

Meet Shalonda Harris Walker.  Functional Safety Operation Leader for Dow.   Shalonda has several initiatives within her natural work team to ensure Inclusion is at the forefront of their activities. She is active in making sure no one is marginalized and  Inclusion is established in all teams or special projects.  

Shalonda is Enneagram type one.  Principled, diligent, driven by improvement, and taking the right action.  When Shalonda says she intends to create a workplace of belonging, I believe her.  Shalonda’s integrity to humanity and desire to make the world a better place runs deep within her.  Shalonda participated in the first cohort for Dow Chemical’s sponsorship program, Advocacy in Action.  She brought insight on inclusion being what every human deserves.  She is #teamdow.

What historical person or persons have influenced or motivated you to keep going?

Shalonda has been motivated by Coretta Scott King. Even amid adversity, Mrs. King dared to be bold – fighting for her marriage, family, and children. Shalonda admires that Mrs. King never allowed anyone to diminish her stature, remaining vigilant yet humble and dedicated to her husband’s cause of non-violent protest and equality for all.