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Meet Weber Ng

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander month, 9Paths has chosen to showcase current AAPI leaders we have had the privilege to work alongside. 9P stands in solidarity, community, and celebration with our AAPI community. I asked our AAPI leaders to share who influenced their careers and wisdom in standing in solidarity and community with each other.

Meet Weber Ng (黄伟鹏). Weber is on international assignment for Dow as a Technology Associate supporting Dow’s Joint Venture with Mitsui Chemicals in Japan by providing Manufacturing Technology, EH&S, and Process Safety Management support. Weber also serves on the JV Management Team and supports the JV board on various special projects and Board Reviews.

Weber was selected to join Dow’s Asian Diversity Network (ADN), Champion4Change cohort. C4C is a sponsorship program designed to advance the careers of Dow Asian talent while offering candidates leadership training and exposure to senior leaders.

Weber is an Enneagram type 7, bringing a robust, visionary mind to the workplace to generate ideas and synthesize and absorb data quickly. The explorer in Weber is interwoven in his personal and professional life, a seeker of possibilities.

Weber shares that his wife Jacquelin has empowered him to step out of his shell and believe in his potential. She has encouraged him to be open-minded and embrace growth and all the opportunities presented to him.

Weber believes solidarity and community can be found by being open-minded and curious: learning from one another. He sees how fear of the unknown can be what breeds distrust and hate. He shares that it’s okay to be different and disagree; however, we need to respectfully treat each other the way we want to be treated and move forward. We need to be resilient in the face of barriers and obstacles, and that is how we will make this world a better place.

While all of us face barriers and challenges, Weber believes resilience will guide people to making the world a better place for everyone. Weber’s favorite quote that drives this perspective is “The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.” by Sun Yat-sen.

Celebrate Weber’s achievements with us!