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Veterans and Soldiers

Let’s talk about Afghanistan and your well-being.

The U.S. withdrawal and the take over by the Taliban have caused reactions by veterans and service men and women worldwide. I am not surprised. Many of our 9Paths veterans are experiencing the following:

  • Feeling frustrated, sad, helpless, grief or distressed
  • Feeling angry or betrayed
  • Experiencing an increase in mental health symptoms like symptoms of PTSD or depression
  • Sleeping poorly, drinking or using drugs 
  • Avoiding all reminders or media and shying away from social situations
  • Having more military and homecoming memories

The Veteran Affairs has taken a proactive approach in responding to common reactions like “did my service mean anything?” or “why did I do the things I did if it was going to end this way?” These are normal reactions to abnormal events or experiences. War has always caused moral dilemmas that soldiers often carry in isolation. Yet you are not alone. You can contact any of the following VA-recommended agencies, including 9Paths if you are in Tennessee for help.

  • Veterans Crisis Line – If you are having thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-273-8255, then PRESS 1 or visit For emergency mental health care, you can also go directly to your local VA medical center 24/7 regardless of your discharge status or enrollment in other VA health care.
  • Vet Centers – Discuss how you feel with other Veterans in these community-based counseling centers. 70% of Vet Center staff are Veterans. Call 1-877-927-8387 or find one near you.
  • VA Mental Health Services Guide – This guide will help you sign up and access mental health services.
  • – information, resources, and Veteran to Veteran videos for challenging life events and experiences with mental health issues.
  • Download VA’s self-help apps – Tools to help deal with common reactions like stress, sadness, and anxiety. You can also track your symptoms over time.
  • VA Women Veterans Call Center – Call or text 1-855-829-6636 (M-F 8AM – 10PM & SAT 8AM – 6:30PM ET)
  • VA Caregiver Support Line – Call 1-855-260-3274 (M-F 8AM – 10PM & SAT 8AM – 5PM ET)
  • George W. Bush Institute – Need help or want to talk? Check In or call:1-630-522-4904 or email:
  • Team Red, White & Blue – Hundreds of events weekly. Find a chapter in your area.
  • Student Veterans of America – Find a campus chapter to connect with.