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Why Equity In Action

It’s one thing to hope to emerge as a human leadership success story. It’s another to work towards it.

So, what bridges the gap? Equity in Action.

Equity in Action helps companies recognize and leverage the unique identities, backgrounds, and experiences people bring to their workplaces. Making diversity and inclusion a priority creates more focused, self-aware individuals and more effective, cohesive teams.

Why Equity In Action

Equity in Action is a holistic initiative that needs a space in your organizational strategy to propel workforce diversity and equity, not just through words. But through Action.

Here’s a look at the different ways you can adopt this initiative into your organization:

  1. Business Community Cohort: Strategically pairing Black-owned business leaders with influential White business owners.
  2. Corporate Cohort: Strategically pairing high-priority Black corporate talent with White senior leaders. Bringing together brilliant leaders with this intentional inter-racial pairing will drive communication on sensitive issues centering on race within organizations, communities, and beyond.
  3. Team Action: To help teams learn by doing, four quarterly full-day training sessions are provided for a better and more effective understanding of Equity in Action.
  4. Train-the-Trainer: As the name suggests, this master class focuses on advanced training of those professionals who have participated in a cohort or team action program and wish to navigate organizational anti-racism and system change.

Conversations tend to unearth the implicit. That’s what Equity in Action strengthens. It addresses various cross-racial challenges through meaningful conversations.

The program helps discuss, train, and implement solutions to create closer-knit communities and workplaces – ones that bring together diverse teams and make them equal.